Company vision: HJG, a cheerful company; HJG, a long life company.

Company mission: Be involved in researching and manufacturing rock drilling equipment and pneumatic tools; use technology and innovation; help rock drilling customers create the highest value.

Management concept: Obey God and try our best; be broad-minded and be considerate.

Cooperative criteria: fraternity, interaction, innovation, multi-win, forging ahead hand in hand, securing our future together.

Declaration for action: Serious, rapid; keep the promise and never make an excuse.

Criterion for conduct: Encouraging filial piety, dedication, credibility and personal loyalty.

Principles for work: Work diligently, think carefully, communicate patiently,and forge ahead enterprisingly.

Service tenet: Correct deficiencies promptly, perfect work proactively, Consider clients all the time, maintain long-term friendship with clients and impress them by sincerity.

Team Spirit: Every employee is trying his best to do well with his job at every phase and every process of the enterprise. Moreover, in practical work, we're all good at finding out the work problem and taking the initiative to think and ultimately cooperate effectively and resolve the problem satisfactorily. Individuals would be fast, resolute, accurate just like the eagle and the whole team would be clever, decisive and united just like a wolf pack.